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The Pemcorp Group offers a broad range of corporate finance related services, that are based upon years of acquired knowledge and experience, to select businesses.


Since 1991 we have provided tactical and practical advice in connection with proposed capital market transactions, most notably, to companies that are seeking to “go public” on various stock exchanges by way of an initial public offering, merger, reverse take-over or plan of arrangement.  


We have designed, vetted, structured and reorganized prospective transactions and companies in multiple jurisdictions, provided an oversight function to increase the odds of deal completion and arranged financing for new and existing ventures.


Throughout the years we have developed relationships with institutional investors, brokers, securities lawyers, accountants and investor relations professionals, which has provided us with a broad and informed perspective about the challenges companies face in order to access the capital markets.




William (Bill) McCartney, Founder, has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia since 1980. He is a former founding partner of Davidson & Company, Chartered Professional Accountants, now one of the largest auditors of public companies in Canada where he specialized in mergers & acquisitions, corporate tax planning and capital structuring. He is also a former member of the local (policy) advisory committee to the TSX and TSX Venture (Stock) Exchanges. At present, Mr. McCartney is the Lead Director of Mercer International Inc., a multi-national solid wood manufacturing and bio-materials company and a Director of the Vancouver Canucks Alumni Foundation.


Murray Oliver, Director of Business Development, has worked closely with the Founder since 1995 on all aspects of the capital market process including deal vetting, structuring and financing. He is a former director and corporate relations specialist for several public companies in which Pemcorp had an advisory role. At present, he is a director of two public companies that are undergoing a restructuring and reorganization of capital in connection with a search for new business opportunities. He is a graduate of the University of Calgary in 1990; Bachelor of Economics.

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